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The pulsating heart of Station is our roaring smoker — but this is not your daddy’s BBQ!

Our ingredients and flavors are familiar...and then twisted deliciously from a new point of view.

E.ver.y.thing coming out of the Station kitchen is made from scratch by a team of fabulous humans who care very much that you relish every bite.

Welcome, friend.
Enjoy your meal.

As we bounce back from quarantine...

ORDER FROM THE DAILY MENU HERE (same day only) or in the lobby during open hours. 

*While supplies last 

{DINING ROOMS + PATIO SERVICE ARE NOT YET OPEN. Picnic tables with umbrellas on the Village Green and public restrooms are available.}

We'll have DORA drinks available during all of the hours below, as well as a hot menu of  Chicken Wings, Spoonbread Balls, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Smoked Half Chickens, Smoked Salmon, Brisket, Station Burgers, Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Crispy Potato Salad, Cold-Smoked Corn Salad, Classic Slaw, Pickled Green Beans, French Fries, Mac + Cheese, and RIBS on Sunday.

Wednesday 5p--8p
Thursday 5p--8p
Friday 4p--8p
Saturday 4p--8p
Sunday 4p--7p